A Shakespearean question

To spray or not to spray, that is the question

Whether ’tis wiser to expect some further rain

And let the bloody nettles live another day

Or go and drench them with a toxic shower

Beneath the glowering clouds that fill the sky

And in so doing make them wilt, and ultimately die.

Answers on a postcard please. A winner will be drawn at random and receive 600 kg. of dead nettles. Warning: May contain bindweed.

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Man Reading

I am borrowing this from a post on Mya’s blog as an experiment to see what term brings the most traffic to my blog. Currently “female urination” is the leader of the field. Can “man reading” beat it? (I’m not going to mention testicles for the moment).

Curiosity led me to follow Mya’s link to the blog of Brennig Jones from where, quite unbeknown to him, I stole his “Man Reading” painting.

Now, I am a philistine, a cultural strawweight, and if not proud of the fact, I do at least recognise it. I prefer cinema to theatre, pop to classical, Gerald Seymour to Shakespeare, and pretty pictures to abstracts. But I do love this painting of the reading man. The mad hairstyle makes me want to reach for the shears. The very emptiness of the shelves speaks volumes. The shadow on the wall looks like a ballet dancer with one thin leg and one thick. And behold the toilet chain hanging from the ceiling, which is not, of course, a toilet chain at all, but an ingenious way of lowering and raising the swaggy lace curtain. Fabulous!