Total satisfaction!

It doesn’t get better than that – four of my favourite F1 drivers finishing in the top four. 🙂

Majestic drive from Nico Rosberg, a long overdue win for him. Bravo!

Sorry for Kimi, nice to see him back on the circuit.

A couple of other incidents at the Chinese Grand Prix gave me a surge of schadenfreude and a great deal of satisfaction. I’m probably not the only one. 😀


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What will it take …

… for Christian Horner to give Mark Webber the respect he’s entitled to?

They give him a duff car, so he qualifies 18th on the grid.

Driving his heart out and his balls off, Webber finishes 3rd, just behind Sebastian, who is hammered into second place by an inspired Hamilton.

Interviewed after the race, a misty-eyed Horner praises Sebastian for several minutes. And then – perhaps somebody out of view held up a cue card? – he remembers that the team actually have two drivers. He mumbles a few words about Webber with all the enthusiasm of a man offered a plate of cold porridge.  😕

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A case of mistaken nationality?

I was reading Andrew Benson’s F1 blog this morning about the Red Bull fiasco, and out of the 230 or so comments, support is wholeheartedly with Webber for the shameful treatment he had at the hands of Christian Horner.

Here’s my favourite comment taken from the thread:

“201. At  on 12 Jul 2010, Innocent Bystander wrote:

Did Christian Horner once lose out to an Australian love rival?

Or is it just the case that when originally signed, the Red Bull hierarchy mistakenly thought that Webber was Austrian?!” 😀

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Angry juice

Vettel‘s wing was no match for Webber’s angry juice. 😀

What a satisfying result at Silverstone today. Bravo, Webber. From the reaction of the crowd, there is no doubt that they were all behind the Aussie.

And great drives too from Hamilton, Button and Rosberg.

What now, Red Bull?

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Red Bull-shit

Vettel‘s front wing breaks during practice for this weekend’s F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone.

There is only one other wing of the same spec, and that is on Mark Webber‘s car.

So the team decide to take it off Webber, and give it to Vettel.

Christian Horner, who is rapidly losing credibility as far as I am concerned, looked clearly uncomfortable when questioned about this decision, and mumbled some nonsensical rubbish. Shame on him.

There is no favouritism in the Red Bull team. I am the prima ballerina with the Bolshoi.

Red Bullshit.


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Valencia Grand Prix

Mark Webber
Image by ph-stop via Flickr

What a relief to see Mark Webber walk away from that horrifying 190 mph crash. It seems unbelievable that after the car becoming airborne, somersaulting, turning turtle with him beneath it, hurtling into the wall and breaking up, he was able to step out of the wreckage unaided. I really like that super-cool Aussie, who just gets on with the job with quiet determination. I expect he’ll wake up with a few bruises tomorrow, but what a lucky, lucky man he was today.

Fernando Alonso seemed to put all his energy into seething over an error by Lewis Hamilton, really spitting out his dummy and tearing teddy’s eyes out when Hamilton’s penalty drive-through still kept him in second place, while poor Fernando was half way down the field. It’s a shame that such a talented driver – once my hero for his masterful dismissal of Herr Cobbler – can’t let bygones go and get on with his driving. I have a high regard for him as a driver, and despite his sour disposition a certain admiration for the fact that he’s very much his own man who speaks his mind and doesn’t mince his words. But I wish he wouldn’t sulk so much.

A great drive today by Kamui Kobayashi.

As for the unfortunate Mr Cobbler, he poddled around towards the back of the field, popping in and out of the pits to sort out his various problems. What’s happening there? Has his famous luck run out? Why can’t he get as much out of the car – which was expressly redesigned to his requirements – as his younger team mate? As he goes from bad to worse, it’s becoming embarrassing to watch his lopsided smirk as he tries to explain the reasons why he – winner of 7 world championships and 91 F1 races, as he rather sniffily mentioned – is performing so abysmally. Perhaps the kindest thing the team engineers could do would be to engineer a dignified exit for him from F1.

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During the last week the dangers of motor racing have been highlighted, with a tragic death and a horrible freak accident.  All good wishes to the modest and gentlemanly Felipe Massa, for a swift and full recovery from his injuries.

Image borrowed from http://chikki.wordpress

Image borrowed from

Forza Felipe, sono con te

F1 has certainly become a great deal more interesting this season, with several drivers in the mix for the title and excellent coverage from BBC –  although without the commercial breaks, there’s no time to wash our hands or make a cup of tea :-).

Great that Jenson Button has been having such a successful run after so many barren years, Mark Webber with his maiden win, and likewise to see Lewis Hamilton back on the top of the podium. Lucky man – he got to hug the gorgeous Martin Whitmarsh, handsomest hunk in the sport. 🙂 I must remember to write to McLaren and ask if they have any pin-up posters of Martin.

Martin Whitmarsh