Windows 10 Anniversary update – success at last!

So a week after I first attempted to upgrade Windows 10, I have finally succeeded.

There are howls of frustration, shrieks of rage and threats of suicide all over the Internet by broken souls battling to download and install the upgrade, so I knew from the outset that the problem wasn’t me, or my computer.

I tried every solution suggested on every technical forum, clearing the cache, playing around with the command line and downloading a variety of files that were all ‘guaranteed’ to fix the problem, which they didn’t. In fact they seemed to create new ones, as my wifi network adapter stopped working, I couldn’t reach any websites, and the computer had almost come to a standstill. In fact it came to many standstills over the six days, either downloading to 99% and then going into a coma, or giggling “Oops, something has gone wrong!” and falling into the apples as the French say.


In case anybody should be reading this who is having a similar problem, here is how it worked for me.

First, I unplugged the computer. Actually pulled the plug out of the socket, and left it for an hour before reconnecting it.

Secondly a message popped up out of nowhere, saying that I needed to sign in to my Microsoft account, something I had forgotten I had and have certainly never used. I managed to find some scribbled details in a grubby little notebook that is falling to pieces, and duly signed in.

This time, when I started the download within a few minutes it was up to 35%. Previous attempts had taken up to 18 hours to reach 99%. Things were looking up. Our Internet connection is always very slow, but at least it was moving forward. And when it reached 100%, oh happy day! – it then verified the download – YAY! – started the installation and completed it.


Whether it was the unplugging of the computer, the signing into the Microsoft account, or just a fluke, I couldn’t say, but if all else has failed, give it a try.

Now, how to make the Epson printer use the big black cartridge instead of the little black one that it has emptied? I’d like to get this fixed, as the printer is now refusing to print, which meant I had to drive a 20 mile round trip yesterday to get two important documents photocopied. Another day, another challenge.

So, Epson, who have not responded to my polite call for help, take note:





7 thoughts on “Windows 10 Anniversary update – success at last!

    • A notebook the size of the Encylopaedia Britannica, a necessity with the number of codes, passwords, logins, security numbers and all that faff. I can still recall a time when I could remember them all and didn’t need to write them down. But that was long ago and without the notebook now I’d be lost. It’s falling to bits from constant use.

      • And when the so and sos make you change your passwords on a regular or irregular basis – the latter usually when you are in a hurry – and the crossings out and writings over begin to resemble a letter from the eighteenth century…
        And this is supposed to be progress.

  1. Hurrah hurrah for the Gay Hussar as my Grandmother was fond of saying on the rare moments when rendered speechless by the momentous news of others! After that triumph the Epsom should be peanuts to a greedy elephant!

  2. I had the same problem Susie when I “upgraded” (a curious word given the problems it caused) to Windows 10. My PC refused to recognise my printer as well.. I tried downloading new printer drivers – but it seems my old printer was no longer compatible with W10. In the end I had to buy a new printer that was.
    Microsoft’s motto appears to be: “If it ain’t broken, fix it till it is”..

    • Ha ha, Pip – I like your version of Microsoft’s motto. 🙂 Still, I find there is a strange satisfaction in overcoming all the obstacles that Microsoft et al throw at us. That moment after days of exasperation and anger, when you click OK and it fifnally, actually works.

      I’ve had a long battle with the printer. Epson does not like you using generic cartridges and they have a particularly mean trick. You can buy a replacement set of little Epson colour cartridges quite cheaply in the supermarkets, but NOT THE LITTLE BLACK ONE! That is only available on-line at a crazy price, and without it the printer won’t work. As the Epson and generic cartridges won’t mix, it’s been cheaper for me to chuck away the half-empty colour cartridges and fit all generics. It’s just plain naughty. And wasteful. Bad Epson.

      Happy Christmas to you both.

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