Planes, trains and carriages

The car/caravan drama is behind us – thankfully it was NOT the alternator at fault, but a pulley that had broken. A friend spent all of Saturday locating and fitting a replacement – cost 40 euros. Hopefully the insurance will cough up for the damage to the caravan, but at least we and both vehicles are home almost in one piece.

So now that is out of the way, let’s move on to air travel.

My flight to London is booked for next Monday afternoon. However it is strike season in France, and the air traffic controllers are just one of the many public sectors protesting at France’s proposed labour reforms. They have already called strike action 13 times in the last 14 weeks. Yesterday RyanAir had to cancel 102 flights across Europe due to these strikes

If there was advance notice of a couple of days as to if and when strikes were going to occur, people could make arrangements to cope, but it can be late in the day before you find out. If my flight should be affected and I only found out on Monday morning, I would not be able to get to London in time.

After weighing up all the options, I’ve decided to abandon the flight, and instead take the ferry from Dieppe at 1.00 am on Monday morning, which will land – all being well, which we should never take for granted – at 5.30 am, leaving plenty of time to take a train to London and organise myself before the event on Tuesday.

carriagesI’m hoping to find a lift up to Dieppe, otherwise Terry will drive me there.

If you haven’t voted for me and would like to, there’s still time – but not much. Voting link.

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!

PS  I don’t have a carriage, but not going to worry about that. 🙂




12 thoughts on “Planes, trains and carriages

  1. I nearly always drive through the tunnel (it’s the easiest with The Bean though utterly exhausting 1100 km door to mother’s door) …. I do think the Air Traffic Controllers need to bang another drum now …. it is horribly tedious for so many travellers and I don’t think it actually achieves anything much at all.

    • You are probably not a claustrophobic. 🙂 I prefer driving over, via ferry, but this is a there-and-straight-back trip so easiest to go by air. It looks now, (at least at this very moment) that they will not strike tomorrow. If they do, it will be panic stations!

  2. Good to hear the final result of the travel saga wasn’t too expensive.

    sometimes mechanics grasp at straws.

    on strikes. not much point striking to not cause inconvenience, that is rather the point of a strike.Were you never a union member?

  3. Thank you. The quoted cost of repairs – which would not have repaired the problem – was more than the value of the vehicle.

    I’m in full sympathy with the strikers, no grudge, I just need to know I can get where I need to be in good time. From what we were told yesterday by one who is in the know, there will be no strike tomorrow.

    No, never have been a member of a union.

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