A clean blanket and a bowl of spaghetti

Letters from Athens

The borders are shut and tensions are running high in the refugee camps, as people become increasingly desperate about their future. A few days ago, in Souda on the island of Chios, refugees set fire to the rubbish skips as a protest. The fire spread and was only put out after a couple of hours by the fire brigade with the help of the police and the locals whose houses it threatened – but not before severely damaging two large tents used by NGOs and the UN High Comissioner for Refugees, some offices and a load of equipment. One of the firemen was injured.

In the sprawling border camp of Idomeni, in Northern Greece, police had to use tear gas to break up clashes between rival groups of rock-throwing Pakistani and Afghan migrants; incidents of violence along ethnic lines have become a daily reality. At Elliniko camp in Athens…

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One thought on “A clean blanket and a bowl of spaghetti

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging, Susie. Sometimes I feel I’m harping on and on about this matter, and everyone has problems of their own. But it’s impossible to ignore, and it will be everyone’s concern in the long term.

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