A thoroughly beastly morning

I posted this three years ago. Nothing much has changed, except the black cat now slumbers in eternal rest beneath a climbing rose.

Susie Kelly - Writer

The beasting started at first light this morning. I was vaguely aware of our ancient and scraggy, but still active black cat, leaping onto my stomach. That’s quite normal, and being the skinny little fellow that he is, no discomfort. Then a tickle arrived on my face. I thought it was his whiskers, and brushed it away. Then it came back again, and I opened my eyes. A fly! As many times as I brushed it away, it returned. I stuck one leg out of the duvet, and immediately it landed there. It landed on my shoulder. I pulled the duvet up over myself, despite the heat, until only the tip of my nose was exposed. The fly buzzed into my hair. I landed a substantial thump on it, and it fell stunned onto the pillow, from where it found itself flying (!) through the air to the floor and…

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