Things that go clack, fizz, erk and yikes in the night

WordPress is being very difficult. For several days it has been crashing every time I try to write a new blog post, so I’ve temporarily given up. Instead, here’s a post from 2009, when we were camping.

Susie Kelly - Writer

It is midnight. From the far distance comes the faint murmur of motorway traffic, and from closer, the yipping of a fox.

I need a wee, and remember too that I did not brush my teeth earlier. The torch has new batteries, cheap ones from Lidl. It glows weakly, as if already exhausted, and we have not yet started on the 50 metre trek to the sanitary block.  I zip myself out of the tent and follow the faint haze past the guy ropes, across the path, over the playground and down the rustic steps to the building. The night is eerily quiet and dark; there is no sign of human life.

As I close the lavatory door, a loud, rapid clacking noise approaches, making me jump. It sounds like angry castanets. It stops outside my cubicle, and then slams the adjacent door, which emits an agonised screech like all…

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