Quick dog update

Peering out very briefly from beneath the 61,000 words I have so far drafted for the new book, I just wanted to share news of Hayley, the poisoned Spanish dog who was rescued from life on the streets with her four pups.

While being treated in veterinary hospital for the effects of rat poison, she was also diagnosed with leishmania. She is now home at Galgos del Sol, undergoing long-term treatment. Her pups are being hand-reared, as the cocktail of drugs she is taking, as well as her depleted condition would not allow her to feed them.

If they had not been found when they were, none of them would be alive now.12644895_1126917143994750_6451172264882507503_n

It will be a while before Hayley is out of the woods, but she is in the best possible hands, and all the supporters of Galgos del Sol are looking forward to when she is well and strong enough to be reunited with her pups.



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