An update on Hayley

There is hope!


From the Galgos del Sol Facebook page:

“Hayley is continuing to improve after being poisoned!!!!!

Now here is the tough part. Her bill is up at 1000 euros and we would like to ask you if you could give up your Starbucks or cigarettes today to help her? If your answer is yes please donate to – or check out for more options!

We feel pretty confident she will be coming home! Watch her rescue video here”

Well, that’s just great news for we dog lovers, although of course 1,000 euros is a huge bill for the association to find. But worth every last cent to save the life of a dog who would have died an agonising death if she hadn’t been rescued when she was. Not to mention what would have become of her four helpless pups.

Anybody who would like to contribute, the links are above.


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