Exquisite and Affordable Dining in Paris

Janine Marsh at The Good Life France magazine shares her dining experience at the swanky Peninsula Hotel in Paris after its £600 million facelift.  €48/ $52/£36 at today’s rate, for a 3-course meal in a splendiferous setting – you don’t often come across a bargain like that.


Table for two, please.

Exquisite and Affordable Dining at Peninsula Hotel Paris



9 thoughts on “Exquisite and Affordable Dining in Paris

  1. She could have told us what she ate/what was on the menu. Plus their website is a pain in terms of finding menus 😦 I did see a vegetarian club sandwich. Otherwise their restaurants look like typical French fare, good food, good combinations, delicious sauces, with scant regard for vegetarians. They do provide allergen menus. Perhaps veggies are allergens?

  2. I dare not ask what she ate – I’d either be envious or revolted. Yes, vegetarianism is definitely an allergy – allergy to eating dead animals. 🙂 I would be very surprised if a restaurant of that standard were not ready, willing and able to rustle up something meat-free for the discerning diner. But I doubt I’ll ever be in a position to find out.

  3. @Pip you should try the Hotel les Dames du Pantheon or its brother hotel les hommes http://www.hotellesdamesdupantheon.com/fr/ Both have fantastic last minute deals (I’ve stayed at les Dames several times and they welcome my dog with open arms too). I don’t know where you are situated so can’t comment on getting there but my daughters use EuroStar when coming from England and again they offer fantastic deals if you are prepared to comprimise on the day you travel. We drive from our home further south in France and the killer is parking, of course. The restaurant looks absolutely amazing and I am sure they would cater for vegetarians if asked 🙂 Thankyou for the tip Susie … I had managed to overlook it in GLF which I normally read avidly when it pops into my inbox 🙂

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