Two things

There’s a new 50-worder here.  Everybody is welcome to submit their short-shorts and I’ll post them on the page. A complete story in 50 words exactly. Fun to write and fun to read.


Did anybody get a weird ad for a squatty potty when they clicked on the sensual pottery video? One of my friends emailed it to me – a graphic depiction of a unicorn pooping ice cream.  Sorry if you got it, it’s rather weird and it didn’t show when I watched the video.




14 thoughts on “Two things

  1. I’m glad to say I didn’t get the Unicorn poop when I clicked and as you know was captivated by those potters. I have, however, had the misfortune of seeing the rainbow poos before …. a couple of my French friends became obsessed with it. It still haunts me!

  2. Hi, not sure if this is where to post the 50-worder. I’ve never done this before. Hope it’s suitable.

    My adult son was visiting. I had to wake him next morning. After tapping oon the door, I walked in hesitantly. I sat on the bed and stroked his hair.

    « Oh, Mum », he sighed. « That’s exactly how you used to wake me when I was little. »

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