The splintered heart

I don’t think that a single year passes without another expat asking: “Are you going home for Christmas?”

Er, we’ve lived here in France for over twenty years, so it’s pretty much ‘home’ now.

But, if “Home is where the heart is,” the answer is not such a simple one, because my heart is in many places.

Specifically it’s with family who live in England and who we don’t see often enough; it’s with friends scattered all over the globe; it’s in the hereafter with those we loved who are no longer on earth; it’s on the Kenyan plains, and it’s here in our home in France.

And generally, it’s with all people and animals wherever they are, who are cold, hungry, alone, lonely, afraid, abused or injured and who won’t be enjoying themselves while so many others will be celebrating.



This picture was drawn by Erika Aoyama on November 16, 2002

Where is your heart?



10 thoughts on “The splintered heart

  1. I am lucky that I have a small family and live in the same town that I was born so everything I know and love is here. My son only lives about 40 minutes away and I am also lucky because after over 30 years of moving away, my brother (with whom I am still close) is now coming back to live in his new home which is about 40 minutes away so everything is good really. As far as the heart is concerned, that is a different story, that has yet to find a home, but I hope it will do one day 🙂 …..

      • Yes we are. All over to my brothers farmhouse so thats me, mum, brother and his wife and three children. My son is staying with his girlfriends family this year so won’t be around. I am looking forward to it. I was never mad about christmas at all but then I started to go to my brothers and see the children and it simply became much more fun!!

  2. I have no idea where I belong except with my husband and three cats. We have lived on three continents and I think Texas is finally home. I feel trapped in small communities where I have no connection but enjoy creating my own little village wherever I go. Bonne Chance!

  3. I have two homes: my mum’s house where I grew up which still feels like home, and my little home here where I live with the boys and cat. So, I’m going home for Christmas and coming home for New Year. 🙂

  4. I’ve been an enforced gypsy for many years and still am to some extent. This year I am in France having been in the UK for a few days. Just one out of four daughters a husband and a dog – we’ll have fun 🙂

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