15-minute meal

While I can’t claim to rival Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals – I have no idea how he does it – I can always rustle up something tasty in next to no time when I have to. As we have an appointment up in town this afternoon and I had been dawdling away the morning, this was one of those occasions when speed was of the essence.

With fresh pasta, this meal could have been made from start to finish in 5 minutes. However, I used dried farfalle, which needed 13 minutes to reach al dente.  Add two minutes to bring the stock up to the boil, and there it is, a 15-minute meal.

To boiling stock add a handful of farfalle per serving. When they are cooked, drain and add some cream cheese, capers and black pepper.  If you like it hot, add a little chopped chili pepper. Stir and serve.


Generally cream cheeses do not contain rennet, and are therefore suitable for vegetarians. But if you are a strict vegetarian, best to check the label just to be sure.  I use  St Moret.





9 thoughts on “15-minute meal

    • Quick, simple and wholesome is my motto! I have shelves of cookery books but seldom use them unless we have guests or I’m feeling at a loose end and want to experiment. (That doesn’t happen often.) It’s usually a case of spotting an ingredient that is waiting to be used up, and finding a few bits that will go with it harmoniusly.

      I don’t think you can go wrong if you add capers to anything. Everything. Except apple crumble. I don’t think that would work. 🙂

      • An experimentalist …. The very best way. I enjoy reading cook books and I expect I absorb by osmosis. I think capers in apple crumble might make you a mentalist without the experi which in turn might lose rather than make you friends. Though I do rather fancy being that wonderful woman in The Vicar Of Dibley played by Liz Smith … That could be fun!

  1. I’ll add that one to the repertoire…thank you.
    I do one with sliced garlic just browned in olive oil…four big skinned tomatoes mashed down into it,then the cooked and drained pasta, black pepper, a medium tin of tuna drained of liquid and a handful of parsley roughly chopped.
    Ready in the time it takes to cook the pasta and so rapid that those clamouring for food have inevitably disappeared and have to be rounded up.

    • Yum. That’s very much our kind of meal.

      It is a strange phenomenon that I’ve noticed too, the way hungry men mysteriously disappear the moment the food is ready to serve, especially food that needs to be eaten immediately, like pasta and fried/scrambled/poached eggs. Hence souffles are seldom on our menu.

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