Be my baby

We’ve been discussing adopting a baby. With so many to choose from it’s not easy to pick just one; they are all enchanting. However, this tiny girl has really touched our hearts, and will be welcomed into our family for Christmas.


Kamok – one day old


Here is Kamok’s story:

She will be joining our other two adoptees, Mbegu and Simotua, so she won’t be lonely.


These babies have all been rescued and reared by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which holds a special place in my heart, as David Sheldrick’s daughter Valerie was a friend of mine who died at a very young age.

There are many elephants and other animals available for adopting. The link to the site gives the history of all their rescues and their progress as well as profiles of the keepers and the incredible work they do looking after the animals. Adoptive parents receive monthly newsletter updates as well as most beautiful water colour paintings by Angela Sheldrick to print out.

If you are searching for a gift for that difficult person who already has everything, here’s the answer. Nobody can have too many elephants. 🙂



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