First find your elephant

So you have found your elephant, as one does. And then you find another. And another. And then you end up with a whole lot of elephants.

And when you have healed them in body and spirit, and they are strong enough and ready to face the world, you need to take them to a safe place more than 200 miles away.

You’re going to need transport. It’s too far for you to walk, and nobody who cares about elephants would even think of riding on one. They are too big to fit on a bus, too big to fit through the door or on the roof of a railway carriage, too heavy to tow behind a bike or car, so you’re going to have to put them in a truck. A large one.

And what about if they don’t want to get in that truck? Even small elephants are big and strong. Very strong indeed. Really strong.

That is why it is important for you to watch this video, because if you should find yourself faced with moving elephants who may or may not co-operate with you, over long distances, you will know what to do and how to do it.




9 thoughts on “First find your elephant

  1. I remember our daughter’s tiny Welsh mountain pony dragging a 16 stone man around flat on his face and helpless on the end of a rope, as if he weighed no more than a balloon. How we laughed. 😀

  2. Off they go with a trumpety trump …. it’s lovely to see this. A little like an outing of Inner City kids to Devon for one of those outward boundy sort of residential trips. Except they get to stay. Which is really really wonderful.

      • I just hope that, finally, people are beginning to realise the dreadful things that are still being done to so many animals and demanding to be heard. It is one of the things that I actually think Social Media is really good for though it has to be carefully managed.

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