The city of writing and macarons

Susie Kelly - Writer

After a long and pleasant period of warm, sunny days, today is wet and cool. The forecast is for temperatures to drop sharply, accompanied by rain,  hail and a possible storm. The garden will welcome this change, as despite all the rain earlier in the year, the ground is already hard and dry.

We took full advantage of the good weather yesterday, following a hospital appointment. TOH is having a minor eye operation at the beginning of April in the lovely town of Montmorillon, a fair drive from home. We had an early meeting with the anaesthetist to go through a health check and complete a mountain of forms. The hospital is modern, shiny and sparkling, the staff friendly and helpful, and by the time we were finished there at 10.30 the temperature was already in the mid-20s. It was too good an opportunity to miss, and as it was…

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2 thoughts on “The city of writing and macarons

  1. Nice Susie. Hope Terry’s eye surgery goes well. Hope you have wonderful Holidays.

    Keeping in touch on the go with my iPad.
    Peggy Cozens


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