What on earth …..

,,,, is all the fuss about the 5p. charge for plastic shopping bags?

For heaven’s sake They should be banned completely, horrible and unnecessary things that they are.

For those people complaining about ‘having to pay for them’ – here’s what you need to know:

You don’t need to! You don’t need plastic bags!

Buy a shopping bag or two or three. You can get them on Ebay for 99p. Put your purchase inside them. Put the bags in your car, or carry them home.

Unpack, put perishables in the fridge.

My grandmother used string bags. Bacon, meat, fish – all uncooked – and cheese were served well wrapped in thick greaseproof paper. At home, they were put into the larder – a cool part of the kitchen.


Surely there are more worrying issues in the world than paying a few pennies for something you don’t need, and which is a blight on the environment?


5 thoughts on “What on earth …..

  1. Hallelujah and pass the tambourine to that girl! I am sick and tired of hearing this whinging. I have a very old shopping basket (bought in a jumble sale about a thousand years ago) and some recyclable bags in the back of the car. Nothing gets ruined. I don’t lose any sleep and the planet is not damaged any more than necessary by me. Simples as you rightly say. And bring back the string bag. In fact All Hall the string bag. 😀

  2. This country could be called the land of the plastic bag…everything comes in not just one, but several of them, and this in a country which says it is ecologically conscious!

    Supermarkets are starting to offer ‘proper’shopping bags but that’s it.
    I stock up on big reusable shopping bags when in the U.K. and try to persuade shopkeepers to wrap in newspaper or not at all….but what do you do with the three kilos of squashy tomatoes you’ve just bought from the man with a stand on the roadside…?

  3. I got used to bringing my own bags when French supermarkets stopped using plastic bags altogether. The only time I feel the need for plastic of some kind is when there’s fresh chicken involved.
    Just walk round any French market and there will be one or more stalls piled high with beautiful baskets. It ain’t difficult.

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