The Day of the Jackal

On our recent safari to the beautiful, wonderful country of Kenya, we saw many great sights. All the ‘Big Five’, the crossings of the migration, glorious landscapes. Among the most memorable events, for me, was a heroic fight by a small jackal against a large flock of vultures trying to steal its meal. It successfully fought them off for 20 minutes, against all odds, until it had finished its meal.

All too often, when something exciting happened, I had the wrong camera settings and didn’t get shots as sharp as I would have liked. It happened here, but if you can overlook the poor photographic skills, you may enjoy the action.


3 thoughts on “The Day of the Jackal

  1. Not poor at all. It’s a wonderful and dramatic story in pictures – the brave jackal is quite amazing when surrounded by those terrifying and enormous birds clearly hell bent on denuding him of supper. Fabulous 🙂

  2. Remarkable photos with an interesting effect. I’ve got photos of the same scene. And some video, too. But your photos add a whole new perspective. Wouldn’t if be wonderful if we all had the courage and the tenacity to take on dozens of vultures. Single-handedly! To defend and protect what was ours. (After we stole it from the cheetah!)

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