What on earth …..

,,,, is all the fuss about the 5p. charge for plastic shopping bags?

For heaven’s sake They should be banned completely, horrible and unnecessary things that they are.

For those people complaining about ‘having to pay for them’ – here’s what you need to know:

You don’t need to! You don’t need plastic bags!

Buy a shopping bag or two or three. You can get them on Ebay for 99p. Put your purchase inside them. Put the bags in your car, or carry them home.

Unpack, put perishables in the fridge.

My grandmother used string bags. Bacon, meat, fish – all uncooked – and cheese were served well wrapped in thick greaseproof paper. At home, they were put into the larder – a cool part of the kitchen.


Surely there are more worrying issues in the world than paying a few pennies for something you don’t need, and which is a blight on the environment?

Free Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools


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Old Fools series MR

The Day of the Jackal

On our recent safari to the beautiful, wonderful country of Kenya, we saw many great sights. All the ‘Big Five’, the crossings of the migration, glorious landscapes. Among the most memorable events, for me, was a heroic fight by a small jackal against a large flock of vultures trying to steal its meal. It successfully fought them off for 20 minutes, against all odds, until it had finished its meal.

All too often, when something exciting happened, I had the wrong camera settings and didn’t get shots as sharp as I would have liked. It happened here, but if you can overlook the poor photographic skills, you may enjoy the action.