Yesterday my trusty No. 1 computer collapsed. 😦

No. 2 has been brought out of retirement while No. 1 goes in for treatment. Prognosis unknown.

No. 1 doesn’t owe me anything. I bought it from Ebay for 180 euros about 3 years ago. It’s a Dell and has given excellent service. Until yesterday.

Usually these things seem to happen at the worst possible time, but in this case the timing was fine, because my latest book – a collection of my favourite very quick, easy, meat-free and (mostly) healthy recipes – was published on Monday, after I’d completed all the edits and saved them to Dropbox. πŸ™‚

Of the nice reviews so far, I particularly love this one from a gentleman in America:

Recently I switched to a diet that would keep the pH of my body in a more alkaline state. I am not much of a cook, but I realized that to make sure I get the diet I wanted, I will have to learn to prepare the meals myself. In addition, I have a cultural problem with cookbooks. They make me think of science experiments that I will likely fail at because I lack the right equipment, ingredients or intelligence to implement correctly.

Susie Kelly’s book addresses all of these issues and it is now my top choice in vegan or vegetarian cookbooks.

Her recipes are vegetarian, including fish and eggs, with notes on which recipes are vegan or gluten free. This helps me focus on the vegan recipes which are closer to the pH diet I want.

The ingredients and equipment are easy to come by. I don’t need fancy kitchen gadgets. She doesn’t use them herself.

The recipes are simple which lazy cooks, and inexperienced cooks like myself, need. The recipes are also easy to find in the book.

Perhaps most of all, she enhances the recipes by enclosing them in entertaining stories which make them memorable. This got me thinking that recipes may be closer to favorite poems or stories that one re-tells rather than science experiments.”

I’m not a bragger, honestly, but thatΒ one madeΒ me glow. πŸ™‚


Cover design by the brilliant David Lewis @davidlewiscartoons.com

Available immediately as digital download or in paperback from Amazon worldwide.

PS Β If anybody would like to volunteer to wind the handle, that would be very nice.


13 thoughts on “Timing!

  1. No matter what a woman is doing, there will always be a male voice asking “What time is lunch?” or announcing that it has invited some mates over for supper, which is due in half an hour. πŸ™‚

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