Poisonous you are, and beautiful too.

The project for our photography club today was close-ups and macro shots of flowers. Members brought in lovely specimens of tulips, irises, bluebells, chrysanthemums (also known as “kiss aunty’s bum” according to one member) :D, and all kinds of wild flowers.

I had a strange problem with my camera, I don’t know what it was up to, but it fought tooth and nail not to focus and was generally uncooperative. None of my shots came anywhere near capturing the beauty of the flowers as well as everybody else, but I did get a few that I was pleased with, and they were all of a stunning hellebore.

This is the one I thought came out best. Its soft focus and grainy texture make it look like a painting (I think).



2 thoughts on “Poisonous you are, and beautiful too.

  1. 1. I love that shot – would hang it on my wall … it is so like an oil
    2. Why DO cameras have bad hair days? Mine does too!
    3. I will forever call Chrysanths ‘Kiss Aunties Bum from now on! 😀

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