There’s bad news, and good news

The bad news is that our household has fallen victim to the dreaded flu. I’ve been in bed for the last 5 days, with a racking cough, roaring fever, painful bones and joints and an occasional hallucination. Really horrid. Yesterday it caught up with TOH, so we are both a pitiful sight and sound. I’ve been wobbling myself downstairs once a day to deal with anything urgent before wobbling back up again.

The dogs have been wonderful, happy to act as nursemaids, curled up on the bed and asking for nothing more than their meals. Until yesterday TOH was managing to walk them, but neither of us have the strength at the moment.

The good news concerns our photographic safari to Kenya later this year.

AsYouLikeIt Safaris is an Editor’s Choice on the prestigious Dunhill Best Travel Deals site.  Having spent many long hours comparing deals before choosing AsYouLikeIt for our safari, I think that confirms we have made the best and wisest choice,

Now I retire once more to my nest, sharing a large faux-fur throw with Tally, to cough and dream of Kenyan sunshine and wildlife. How long does flu last? Surely five days is long enough?


14 thoughts on “There’s bad news, and good news

  1. Oh poor poor you … the flu, the actual flu is absolutely ghastly (I hardly need say that to you since you have it). May you recover swiftly and strongly. On the other hand I could not be more thrilled that Kenya is in your tea-leaves for later in the year – I have filed As You Like it Tours for some future date when maybe if opportunity and preparation converge, I might be fortunate enough to go 🙂

  2. So sorry you are both so poorly – hope you start to feel better soon but unfortunately flu usually leaves you feeling floppy for a while
    I am soooo envious of your impending visit to Kenya – was born in Southern Tanzania and move to Nairobi in 1962 – spent 10 years there before coming to the UK in 1971 after our first son was born and we didn’t feel safe anymore – we have been back for several holidays to the coast – really hope that we will be able to go again even if it’s the last time. There is no where else in the world like it – hope you will show us your photos.

    • We were both in Nairobi at the same time, Sue. My daughter was also born there in 1971, and I left in 1972. I wonder if we ever met, or our paths crossed? You are right that there is nowhere like it. We were so very privileged to live there when we did. I know that when we go back it will be a totally different Nairobi to the one I left all those years ago, but I want to see the beauty of the country and its wildlife before it’s too late, because time is running out unless the Government gets a grip on poaching, which they don’t seem to be doing. 🙂

      • Yes I wonder whether our paths crossed – I worked in the New Stanley Hotel as a receptionist for three years from 1964 till 1967 when I married – my son was born in Nairobi hospital in August 1969 – my then husband was a teacher in Limuru until we came to the UK – I am always telling people what a very privileged young life we had and how fortunate I feel to have such wonderful memories. Such a shame what is going on there now what with the corruption and terrorism – I fear for the country.

        Hope you are beginning to feel better now – can you not teach the dogs to at least make you a cuppa?!! Take care

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. Gradually beginning to feel a little better but not quite there yet. Tally is very selfish with the covers, but so am I. We wage a constant battle over them. 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear, m’dear! The flu is a terrible thing, all right. I am no good at medical advice, but I am good at encouraging people to look forward to future travel. 🙂 So dream away and get well soon! x

  4. All one can do when having ‘flu is to endure it…nothing seems to make it better,, though a kindly canine guardian must be a help and a comfort, if only in exercising your muscles when you reclaim the blanket.
    Get well soon, the pair of you.

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