Fearless in the face of attack

A group of members from our camera club went to the Angoulême comic strip festival last month. I hadn’t been for many years, and remembered it as a splendid event for street photography, with huge vibrant cartoons painted on the walls throughout the old part of the town.

Sadly it is no longer like that. Instead you had to queue and pay to see the exhibits housed in numerous long marquees – no good for our project, and it was a dull, drizzly day. Nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves because we are a group who get on very well together socially. The club welcomes enthusiasts of all levels, is supportive, lively, friendly and non-competitive – no monthly award for the ‘best photo’.

We made the best of the conditions and each of us came home satisfied with at least a few shots.

Here’s a book cover illustrating the fearless Englishman, armed only with a rifle, facing a terrifying attack by a spear-wielding savage


I would have loved to know something about this rather medieval-looking gentleman.


Georges Remi, known as Hergé, creator of Tintin


It sounded interesting, especially the ‘cosy’ bit, because it was rather chilly wandering around. However, we never found this exhibition.


One of the few great murals on the walls of the city, La Fille des Remparts.


The Simpsons added a welcome splash of colour


The tattooist …. any suggestions for a caption?



4 thoughts on “Fearless in the face of attack

  1. I went to Angoulême for work two years ago and liked the city. I was curious what it would be like for the Festival and was even thinking of trying to go there sometime with my husband, who is a BD fan. But your review of the experience doesn’t make the idea sound that attractive, especially since it would mean a long car trip and so forth.

  2. It might be worth it for your husband, Betty, if he’s a BD fan, because there were so many venues where you could go inside and look at the work of the great cartoonists. There were plenty of people queuing up to go inside. It just wasn’t good for street photography. Nothing like it once was.

  3. It’s great when you are with a group of people who you get along with so well that you can get value even when something not quite up to expectation. Great pictures you have (I adoreTin Tin so the picture of Herge was a bonus) … the lady-cat scratching the pictures into the chap’s back has me chuckling ….

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