Bad decision

This morning I wanted to add a new link to my blog. It only takes 5 minutes.

In case you’re wondering, it’s this one. 🙂

And with a few clicks of a widget, it was done. *Brushed hands with satisfaction.*

Then, with a new year just around the corner, I wondered if I should change the blog theme, give it a new look.

And I began browsing the WordPress themes, as I’ve done many times before.

I like the way you can preview any theme to see how the blog will look if applied, or revert to the original theme at the click of a button.

Only today, I couldn’t find the preview facility, and having clicked on a new theme, which I instantly did not like, the only way I could find to return to the current theme is by searching for it and reinstalling it.

All well and good. Except that all the customisations I once had were now gone. All the links vanished. Grrrr.

So instead of the 5 minute job, it has taken most of the afternoon to rebuild the site, and I can’t remember exactly how that was. I hope it’s still recognisable. 🙂

It’s doubtless me just being stupid. There MUST still be a preview button on themes, mustn’t there? Why couldn’t I find it? There was a little box that flashed up saying “I’ve changed my mind”, but it vanished when I went back to look for it.


2 thoughts on “Bad decision

  1. It would be so simple if the bods behind these blogging programmes would just leave things alone….every time I work out how to do something and then, months later, get round to doing it…the so and sos have changed it all.

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