Christmas day – the plan

They say the best laid plans have a tendency to fall apart, but I’m hoping that our simple agenda will hold together.

  1. Early morning feed and water the neighbour’s sheep, ducks, chookies and cats.
  2. Feed our goats and chooky.
  3. Feed our dogs and parrot.
  4. Open our presents over a nice cup of hot chocolate/coffee.
  5. Potatoes (lots) go on to roast, along with parsnips. Sprouts and carrots will be cooked later.
  6. Bread sauce made.
  7. Luxury filo pastry canapes (bought) to be heated.
  8. Luxury scallops in cream and Pernod sauce (bought) to be heated.
  9. Eat canapes.
  10. Eat scallops.
  11. Serve roasties, sprouts, parsnips, carrots, mustard and bread sauce.
  12. Have a little rest.
  13. Eat (bought) luxury chocolate mousse.
  14. Drink a few glasses of red wine and bubbly.
  15. Take the dogs for a long  walk.
  16. Feed neighbour’s cats. Lock up chookies.
  17. Lock up our chooky.
  18. Feed dogs.
  19. Settle down to an evening of tv and/or reading.
  20. Have a nibble of cheese and biscuits with lambs’ lettuce.

Nothing can go wrong, can it?

However you spend your Christmas, whether in sunshine or snow, alone or in company, noisily or quietly, with a traditional meal and all the trimmings or a simple plate, I hope it will be a special day and happy day for you.



7 thoughts on “Christmas day – the plan

  1. As long as the animals co operate, all will be well.

    Just as well we planned for a quiet day tomorrow as we are invited to friends this evening for the traditional Christmas Eve celebrations and I suspect that we shall need a lot of quietness after that…

    Have a lovely day.

    • Enjoy those parsnips! Guess what, I forgot to put the oysters at No. 1! Maybe because I don’t eat them, but TOH does. I get to open the wretched things, though. 🙂 You have a super day too. xx

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