Why do things never work?

Some people are optimists, and some are pessimists.

I fall between the two. Mostly I’m optimistic, but when it comes to anything vaguely technical, or electrical, I’m a pessimist. Not because I expect things not to work, but because I know from experience that they won’t.

No matter how carefully, methodically I follow instructions from start to finish, step by step, when it comes to “Click here to complete installation,” I know damned well there will not be anything there to click, or if there is clicking will cause smoke to billow, or blow all the fuses in the house. And that’s a fact.

Therefore it comes as no surprise when the RAM upgrade for my laptop fails to upgrade.

Lightroom running on 3 go really struggles, and to export a photo I have to close down all programmes, restart Lightroom, export the photo, and restart everything again. For each photo. Which is tiresome and time consuming.

So I am pleased to find that the 3 go can be upgraded to 4 go. No more than that – it’s an old 32-bit machine but adequate for everything – except Lightroom.

And I speak to the Dell RAM suppliers and ascertain the exact, precise 2 go. RAM module necessary to replace the 1 go. module, and order it, and am thrilled when it arrives. And pessimistic that it will work.

As usual, my pessimism is totally justified. After following all the steps to replace the module, so that 4 go. are now firmly snapped into place, I restart the computer.

And how much RAM do you think it finds?

1 Go.

That’s right – instead of adding memory, it has subtracted it. What was 3 and should now be 4 is instead 1.

Surprised? No.

Frustrated. Yes.


I am optimistic there is a solution somewhere.

And pessimistic that I’ll find it.


2 thoughts on “Why do things never work?

  1. It’s interesting – I thought of myself as entirely optimistic until I read this … and I realise that I, too am a pessimist when it comes to certain things and most of all anything technical. When I was a grown up doing a proper job (!) I used to carry a warning that I would not go near a photocopier because I would break it … I feel the same about pretty much any of those things and my present copier/printer/scanner has just decided that I don’t exist and will only work for Two Brains. I rest my case, pessimistically 🙂

  2. I think there’s little doubt all these technical things have a mind of their own and enjoy a fight, and it’s a battle of wills to see who wins. I’m frequently reduced to tears of rage or acts of violence by their stupidity.

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