Misleading leads to misunderstanding

So, justifying my optimism that there was a solution, and confounding my pessimism that it would not be found, the RAM saga has ended happily. For those who have an interest in such things, here is the explanation. For those who don’t, you can stop reading now.

The existing 3 go. of RAM in the computer was in two modules, both of which are the same size physically, but one supplies 2 go. of memory and the other supplies 1 go. of memory

The idea was to remove the 1 go. module and replace it with a new 2 go module, giving a total RAM of 4 go. But as mentioned in the previous post, that did not work. The computer declared that it only had 1 go. of RAM.

The first attempt to rectify the situation consisted of ramming reseating the new 2 go module back into its slot, and the result was an improvement – 3 go. of RAM now found, bringing us back to square one and still leaving 1 go. AWOL.

Let me ask a question.

If you had two objects before you, indistinguishable except that one carried a reference “1” and the other was marked “2”, would you logically expect the numbers to be indicative of their capacity? If so, in this instance, you would be wrong.


Because the module marked “2” only supplied 1 go. of RAM, while the module marked “1” supplied 2 go. Geddit?

So with the new 2 go module rammed reseated, and the original “2” that was actually 1 replaced with the original “1”that was actually 2, we achieved the desired 4.

Oh never mind.


12 thoughts on “Misleading leads to misunderstanding

  1. Well all this has simply confirmed that I am a complete and utter numpty when it comes to technology.
    I am lost, both in admiration for your patience and in my luddism.
    I sit here with my laptop and when it gets to the point of telling me something is not as it should be I hand it to my son. If he fails to unravel the problem it will go in the pile of other old pieces of technology in the shed. Just before that I will try exploring the net for the bargain of the month.

    • The average lifespan of a computer for me is 3-4 years. During that time they can generally be kept going one way or another. When they become beyond economical repair, off they go to the dechetterie. I quite enjoy messing around with them when I have time (which admittedly isn’t often). In this case the whole story began with photography and the installation of a processing programme, which was simple in itself but strained the computer’s memory beyond its limits. All under control for now. Doubtless sooner or later there will be able crisis, says the pessimist. 🙂

  2. Two (well actually 3) points to make here Susie:-
    1/ Next time you ned a RAM upgrade just email or call me and the process will be simpler, quicker and successful!

    2/ You’ve been in France too long!
    The rest of the world may be confused by your refering to Gigabytes (GB) as “go” – that’s the French way as they call them Giga Octets.

    The “progress” of all things IT, computer, digital or whatever really is frustrating – I recently installed a second version of Windows (64 bit) just so that I could try out some of the latest photo processing programs which are only available for 64 bit.

    • Thanks, Robin. In this case we managed to get there eventually. 🙂 And because I have lived in France so long, I tend to stick with their technical terms. I suppose next Lightroom will demand a 64-bit processor; then I will revert to Picasa. 😀

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