My funny lemon

A couple of days ago I cut a lemon in half.

Perhaps you wonder why that should be newsworthy?

Well, take a look at these two photos (which unfortunately are not very clear, as I was terribly excited and afraid they’d vanish before I could capture them, but if you look hard you’ll see what I mean).


Do you see it/them? Two leaves growing from out of a seed deep within the lemon.

Now look at this:


Another leaf growing from a seed inside the other half of the same lemon. I nudged this seed out of its bed to get a better view.

It may not be uncommon for seeds to sprout within a fruit that had been kept in a fridge for a week, but it’s the first time I’ve come across it.

What did amaze me was that in cutting the lemon in half, I avoided damaging any of the seedlings.

I’ve planted both halves, intact, in pots of soil, to see what, if anything, happens.


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