Comments? Comment ça marche?

While burrowing around in the bowels of my blog, I discovered unapproved comments dating back over two years.

I’ve no idea how that happened, as I always approve or delete as soon as I receive notification, and clearly remember approving all of these comments previously.

However, when I checked on the posts, those comments were missing.

This even applies to my replies, which don’t require approval; nor do comments from posters who have commented previously.

Just one of those little mysteries.

So if you did leave a comment many moons ago, I apologise if you think I didn’t value it and respond to it. Blame WordPress.

My very good friend and brilliant blogger The Venomous Bead over in Costa Rica is suffering from a similar problem – comments she has been leaving over the past week on other blogs are not appearing, which is very frustrating after the time and thought spent crafting and posting them.

Anybody else experiencing the same, or any ideas how to resolve the problem?


2 thoughts on “Comments? Comment ça marche?

  1. Thanks for the sympathy…it is so infuriating!
    On comments on my own blog i have had them disappearing while I am answering them in the last few weeks…can’t find them anywhere in the dashboard comments section…so imagine that there might well be comments of whose existence I am totally unaware.

    i suppose that the WP nerds have had another bright idea….and cocked it up.

  2. Your comment turned up in my Spam bin this morning, Helen. I have unSpambinned it. Don’t really know what to suggest, except maybe using a different browser to see if that helps?

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