Our family and other animals

Every night, about 10.00 pm, a mouse appears in the living room. It scuttles around the edge of the room until it reaches Rafiki’s cage. Then it begins to climb up into it. That’s no easy feat, as the legs of the cage are slippery. Sometimes the mouse almost reaches the lower tray, then falls back to the floor. But it keeps trying until it can squeeze through a narrow gap which allows it into the tray where the food waste falls. I can hear it scrabbling around. Rafiki knows it’s there, too. She sits on her swing with her head tilted, watching it benevolently. She likes furry things, and sometimes flies to sit on the bookcase with a teddy bear.


When it’s satiated, the mouse takes on a new challenge – the water bowl, which is high up in the cage. Once there, it drinks its fill, then abseils back to the floor and vanishes.

Sometimes I see it (I’m saying ‘it’, but of course that is delusional. There are probably dozens of them) during the day, as it whizzes around my office. I don’t know why, the only food here is the biscuit crumbs in my keyboard and there’s no way it can reach there. Anyway, I’m quite used to it.

This morning while I was writing I caught a glimpse of movement beside the cushion where one of our dogs was sleeping next to me. Thinking it was the mouse I waved my hand to frighten it away before the dog woke up and jumped on it. But it didn’t move. I had a better look. And this is what I found.



Just a little chap, about 3″ in length.

We’re used to wildlife in the house. Newts, tree frogs, birds, beetles, mice, it’s nothing new. I just wonder why? They have nearly two acres of field, dozens of trees and bushes, and a pond. But this house seems like a magnet for them. 😀

I wanted to photograph the toad on my desk, but it was very squirmy and very dry, so I took it outside and put it on a stone, near the long grass.

Next, please. 😀


4 thoughts on “Our family and other animals

  1. What a glorious picture you paint of your colocation with creatures furry feathery and leathery. I think this is the first house I have ever lived in where so far I don’t seem to be sharing with a mouse (or more probably lots and lots of mice) 🙂

  2. When my kids were small they used to trap field mice that wandered into the house. Then we had to feed them cheese, and release them ‘on the mountain’. They probably made a beeline right back…

  3. 🙂 We’ve done that with rats, too. Used to find them trapped at the bottom of the black bins where we kept animal feed. Loaded the bins into the car, drove a few miles to somewhere nice and safe, and let them go. They used to hesitate for a moment and look up at us, as if they were asking “Is this for real?”, or maybe it was a little “Thank you.” 🙂 As you say, they probably came straight back. I believe mice will return from at least one mile away.

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