Someone, somewhere …..

….. must be wondering what happened to their beautiful dog.

Tommy has been with us for three and a half weeks now, and we still haven’t found a single vice in him.

He sits and waits for his dinner until he is told he can have it.

He can be walked off the lead, never goes more than 20 metres away, and comes when called.

He is fully house-trained.

He is incredibly affectionate.

He gets on with other dogs.

He goes to bed when we do and sleeps all night.

He understands “No!” and stops whatever he is doing.

He is really rather beautiful – although I may be biased. πŸ™‚

In the evening, at about 8.00 pm, he wants to be cuddled. I mean a proper cuddle, on my lap, all 24 kilos of him. He sits and looks up at me like this

Cuddle time.

Cuddle time.

until I make space for him, when he climbs up, digging his dear little claws into my thighs, then puts his head on my chest and falls asleep. When his weight becomes more than my legs can bear, I put him down and tell him to go and lie down, which he does instantly, either curling up on one of his blankets, or climbing onto a chair.

He has been somebody’s well-loved pet, I am certain. Wherever they are, whatever caused them to be separated, I wish I could tell Β them that he’s well and happy, because they must be wondering.



21 thoughts on “Someone, somewhere …..

  1. And today, I had little one with his head on my face. Morning nap, sleepy, content, no fear. Now we’re sharing the sofa.

    We took Pippa in after months on the streets, beautifully house trained, totally civilised. Nice to people and other friendly dogs. I’ll leave cats and rats out of that one.

    Lucky Tommy is quite gorgeous. Aren’t they all though? Just need a home and to forget whatever unfortunate past they had.

  2. He’s such a lucky boy and maybe knowing that at one time he was loved and cared for will put your mind at rest. He’s travelled that journey and found himself a fantastic home and family. Dreams do come true.

    • Thank you, Heather. I’d love to know his story, but it must have had a very sad episode. Hopefully he’s forgotten it. Although, when he’s deeply asleep he moans a lot. I wonder if he dreams?

      • Yes, many similarities between the breeds, although the Ridgies are much larger dogs. My friends in Kenya had one, what a magnificent dog. He was enormous, but such a gentle giant. The ridge is strange, isn’t it? I wonder what its origin and purpose are.

    • He’s described as a Hungarian Vizsla cross. There is definitely a lot of Vizsla in him, particularly his temperament. He has a lot of white on him, which a Vizsla shouldn’t have, but apart from that he has all the personality and looks of the breed. They are the same colour as Rhodesian Ridgebacks, without the darker muzzle and ridge, and much smaller, but there is certainly a similarity in appearance. I’m glad he has brought back good memories for you. πŸ™‚

  3. How lucky he is to have found you, Susie. Love your posts and especially enjoyed the van book of your travels around France. We are motorhomers too and followed part of your journey around France in June this year. Margaret Marsh author; Tales of a Cruise Ship

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