Death of a milk bottle



From the photo, you may think that this milk bottle has fallen victim to a French hunter with his shotgun. But no.

Like half a dozen similar milk and water bottles littering the house, this is one of Tommy’s very best toys. The investment in large chewing ropes, Kongs, Dogwood pine cones, “indestructable” jelly-like shapes of various kinds was a waste of money. After a cursory play, Tommy discarded them and devotes his time to seeing how many perforations he can insert into a bottle before it disintegrates. Both he and Tally love removing the caps, crunching on the plastic (especially when we are on the phone), and shoving the thing around the tiled floor. It makes the kind of noise that is beyond description.

Yesterday we took him to the vet for an MOT, and he passed with flying colours. All well. His weight is up to 23.5 kilos, which is probably right for his size. The damage to the tip of his tail, and the skin flap on his chest, both caused by friction on cement, are unlikely to get any better, thinks the vet

Play, food, cuddles are Tommy’s exclusive interests. At night, he becomes a lap dog, more comfortable for him than for me, but it’s only for 2-3 hours, then he takes himself off to bed. 🙂

He is very puppy-like in his behaviour, extremely boisterous, and Tally has had to reprimand him severely. That would be like being punched by a butterfly, but it causes heart-wrenching howls and yelps.


Tally – as gentle as a buttefly


We don’t know whether he is 100% Vizsla, although he certainly has the looks, and with true Vizsla Velcronicity he hasn’t left my side until today. The upside of that is that when we go out for walks, he can safely be let off the lead and will not go more than 20 metres away, and returns immediately when he’s called. The downside is that he panics if I go out of the gate without him and tries to ooze beneath it, and I haven’t been able to make a move out of his sight.

Today there was a breakthrough. I noticed that he was absent from his mattress next to me in the office, and went to look for him. Here he is, on one of his blankets he had dragged into the dining room.


Yes? You wanted something?



I am calm and relaxed.

We are, of course, besotted with him. It seems to be mutual. 🙂

Here are some things that Vizsla owners have found out.


2 thoughts on “Death of a milk bottle

  1. He’s such a sweetie! As much as I loved Chips (golden retriever/beagle/? mix) Maggie could be let off leash because she stayed with me, WITH me, velcro wise. Chips would be off to chase… pick something

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