What? How? Why?

I have a question – several, in fact.

What did I do to you to deserve the way you treated me?

I know you loved me once, because I am fearless and I know all about sitting on laps for cuddles, and sitting like a good boy for treats. I am not afraid of loud noises, angry voices, raised arms.

I’m house-trained, affectionate,  obedient, full of fun, and soon I’ll look beautiful again when my sores have healed, my muscles grown stronger and more flesh covers my prominent bones.

Where did it go wrong?

What made you abandon me?

How could you leave me to die, chained up with no food and water, covered in sores? Did you wonder how long it would take for me to die?

Why, if circumstances made it impossible for you to keep me any longer, couldn’t you have at least taken me to a refuge?

Do you ever think of me?

Would you be happy to know that I was saved just in time from the slow death to which you condemned me?

Would you be happy to know that now I am safe, and cared for, and loved? And that I am giving my new family the love that I gave you?

Would you be happy to know that if I saw you today, I would bound up to you and greet you with joy?

That’s because I am a dog, and my love is unconditional.






12 thoughts on “What? How? Why?

  1. Beautifully written but it should be needless – why oh why do humans treat animals as though they are disposable bits of paper to chuck aside? I’m so glad this beauteous boy has another chance but my heart bleeds for his past and the cruelty that continues in so called civilized places. Wrong it is. So Bluddy wrong

  2. Susie, you have such a wonderful way of conveying emotion, once again, I read your heartfelt words and am reduced to tears. My love is sent to you for many reasons, on this occasion, your compassion and commitment to a beautiful creature. Tommy will not only enrich your lives, but the lives of all who follow you on social media and benefit from your wonderful writing, thank you dear lady xxx

  3. Thank goodness you found each other. Now Tommy will be restored to good health and enjoy the return of the love he so unconditionally gives you. Our Luce is the same, although she had no outer injury. She was loved by someone else before us. It is amazing how quickly a strong bond is made xxx

  4. And why are little children abused? It is said there is more good than bad in the world, but not by much. Interestingly little children continue to love their abusive parents, too…and I’m sure they ask the same questions….it is all so sad…

  5. If you knew what had happened it would hang heavily on your heart. It’s his future that is happy and hopeful and full of love. He’s moved on and found his family. He knew love and kindness before this happened to him and will only ever know it now he is with you. Someone forgot how to love him, no fear of that happening again.

  6. Susie, bought tears to my eyes, I’m pretty sure that every abandoned, abused and unwanted dog that has found a new home and a new family who love them will feel the same. Somehow dogs are able to transcend bitterness and overcome their dread of humans despite the awful behaviour of some people. Best wishes to you and your animals, Janine

  7. Susie you are breaking my heart. Lucky is very lucky! When my husband and I were debating a dog my daughter told me that the dog would give us much more than we would give it and she was absolutely right.

  8. Couldn’t agree with you more. And who can bring up a kitten in their own home, let children play with it, litter-train it and then, because it’s July 4th and the beginning of the holiday season dump it, age 7 weeks, in the woods where it would have no chance of surviving? Amazingly, despite being a cat, Kevin seems pretty appreciative that he was found by Flynn and presented to my husband as an extra birthday present. I wonder what I’d do if I ever met the person who abandoned him.
    It looks like you and Tommy are ideally suited for each other and that this time his unconditional love is going to be well rewarded and returned.

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