You were wrong today, Mr Wrong

“A rainy day is like a lovely gift — you can sleep late and not feel guilty.”
― Elizabeth Jane HowardMr. Wrong

Unfortunately that is not always the case. Today was the date for TOH’s eye operation in Montmorillon. It was an early-morning appointment and is quite a way from us, so we had to be up at Horrid O’Clock. As is always the case when we have to be awake particularly early, neither of us slept well. I woke at 5.00 am, while TOH was awake on and off most of the night. Although we both set alarms, neither of us fully trust them, consequently we sleep badly, if at all.

Never mind. He would have a few hours to doze in the hospital, while Tally and I enjoyed another day of exploring the town. The morning started dull and grey, but as we neared Montmorillon the sun was making a timid appearance. Once TOH was dressed in a fetching, if somewhat sloppily fitted pink gown and he was installed in bed to await the operation, I skipped out of the door looking forward to taking some photos and walking Tally by the river.

Alas and alack, it was hammering down with rain and continued to do so for the five hours that we had to spare. Tally had a brief walk and wee on a small patch of very wet grass beside the river, then I parked the car in town and went to a café, where Tally behaved impeccably and was a subject of  great interest.

Back we walked to the car, in the rain, and sat there for some time, while I read my Kindle in between bouts of nodding off, and Tally dozed in the back. We drove around again in search of something that was worth photographing, but even the cherry blossom is at its resplendent best failed to lift the relentless grimness of the weather.



Having had to abandon the idea of a riverside picnic, I settled for a pizza, freshly baked in a wood oven while I waited beneath a dripping awning, and eaten in the car.

To compensate for the miserable weather, however, I treated us to some of the famed Montmorillon macarons, pistachio flavour. Here they are, traditionally served by the dozen, glued to a sheet of paper.



TOH reports no ill effects from his operation, other than feeling tired after a sleepless night. He is tucked up in bed. If we didn’t have chickens, I probably would be too, but they are a wilfull trio and refuse to go to bed until the last glimmer of light has left the sky, so I’ll be up for a few hours yet.

Tomorrow we have to back to the hospital for a check-up. Another early morning, another long drive, but there is only one word for the standard of cleanliness, friendliness and professionalism at Montmorillon hospital: Impeccable.



11 thoughts on “You were wrong today, Mr Wrong

  1. So glad all went well with the op…but what a miserable day for you to spend!
    I think I would like those macaroons…they look much more appetising than the artificially coloured dollops on the stands at railway stations and airports…….

  2. So pleased all appears to have gone well.
    Consolation is you can make up for the wet day by doing it after the check up.
    That’s the best looking sheet of paper I’ve seen for a good while!

  3. Me too, I’m glad things went well. Those macaroons look much more appetising than the over-rated coloured biscuits that are all the rage can’t think why.

    Even though it was raining and you had a long wait, at least you had your Kindle. 🙂

  4. 1. Very glad the op went well – such a worry any surgery and on eyes which seem so fragile somehow, I’m sure you were both a little or a lottle jittery
    2. I absolutely HAVE to taste one of those macaroons – have been in love with the word and the cake since early childhood but those, those look absolutely sublime!

  5. You are too kind, Osyth. When I was in the macaroon shop I also spotted some Florentines, which are my favourite cakey-biscuity thing, so might be able to force myself ……

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