Time is running out

Today is 12th March.

By 11th April, it will be too late to enter the Good Life France’s Writing Competition with the chance to win a 10-week writing course from the acclaimed Writing Classes.co.uk as well as a choice of best selling books all featuring France. The rules are simple, see them here:

The Good Life France Writing Competition 2014 trophy The judges of the competition include Janine Marsh, the editor of The Good Life France, which, incidentally, is THE website for learning everything you need to know about France.

Julia Stagg, author of the hilarious and best-selling Fogas Chronicles inspired by her own bewildering experiences running an auberge in the French Pyrenees.

Stephanie Zia, writer and editor of Blackbird Digital Books

Kimberly Petyt, Paris-based author of The Paris Wedding, and doyenne of French wedding style

Deborah Lawrenson, author of the highly acclaimed mystery-thriller The Lantern and

last and least, moi-même.

I believe you’d have a hard time finding a nicer bench of judges, myself included. 🙂

Judging will be completely impartial, but just to say that anybody who sends me a large box of white truffles (not the chocolate kind), will probably win. Don’t forget to include your name in the large box 😀

So take up your plume and parchment, and write. Anything at all with a French theme. Send your entry to  editor@thegoodifefrance.com before 11th April.

Good luck to everybody, and may your muse be with you.


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