This year’s first Formula One race is on the 16th March. I imagine that most fans will be desperately hoping that the new rules will bring back some excitement to the scene, because over the last couple of years the domination of one team has nearly killed interest in the sport for many of us. Where at one time I was glued to the television watching every lap, I’ve taken to reading or playing Angry Birds while listening to the commentary. So fingers crossed that we are going to see a change, otherwise I fear fans will be deserting en masse to more entertaining motor sports.

I’ve found myself thinking about Michael Schumacher a great deal since his accident. As a racing driver he was majestic, but I frequently criticised his ruthlesssness and unsporting behaviour. However, off the race track he has always been known as a devoted family man and massively generous to many charities. That he has suffered such terrible injuries in a ski-ing accident is really tragic, and I feel deeply for his family. 

There is much speculation about his current condition and whether or not he will survive, and if so, to what extent he may be handicapped. Anything other than a full recovery would be the cruellest stroke of fate.

So I’m making a complete volte-face and saying that I hope the ruthlessness and determination that won him so many races will bring him safely through his current fight. And I wish his family continued strength through their ordeal.


4 thoughts on “Volte-face

  1. I’m not an F1 fan…but I do feel for Schumacher’s family.
    Let’s hope those characteristics which took him to the top in his sport work to bring him through this.

    Sportsmen – or do we now have to think of them as performers – aren’t always the most ‘sporting’ of characters, are they?

    • No, the new generation of performing athletes cannot are not always worthy of the title “sportsmen”. It is no longer about playing the game, but about winning at all costs and earning huge salaries. It’s not for Schumacher the driver I feel so bad, but about the man himself, who I don’t think deserves to be in such a terrible state, with an unknown future. And for his family, the torture goes on and on, they must be exhausted. Never thought I’d say it, but “Come on Schumi, I want to see you win.”

  2. You are probably right, Sarah. It will be a miracle, let us hope that it can happen. At the very least let him recover sufficiently to keep on enjoying life with his family.

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