Tortillas again

After the earlier tortilla debacle, I thought I’d cracked the flipping business.

Yesterday, conveniently, we were left with a visitor, and no electricity for several hours that encompassed lunch time, ergo no oven.

No problem, as the hens continue to lay as if they are trying to beat the world egg-production record we’d have tortillas.

All went well. The potatoes and garlic mashed, mixed with olive oil and salt, the eggs beaten in, the mixture divided into three frying pans. They were sizzling satisfyingly on the gas hob when the flaw in the plan dawned!

No electricity – ergo no oven grill!

From the previous miserable experience I knew there was no point trying to slide the things on and off a plate to flip them over. That way leads to mess, failure and disaster. So they were nicely cooked on the underside, and raw on top.

Then eureka! I asked TOH whether he had a blow torch, which he did. Amazingly he could find it. Even amazinglier, it was attached to a gas cylinder containing gas. How lucky can one be!

After waving the flame backwards and forwards and round and round over the tortillas for some 10 minutes, they were perfectly cooked.

Take that, Heston Blumenthal.


5 thoughts on “Tortillas again

    • They had proper kitchen blow lamps on sale in Lidl a few weeks ago. I thought “Hm, tempting, but I’d never use it, because I don’t make creme brulee.” Little did I realise how versatile it could be in times of need!

  1. See, I told you to drop (pun intended) the flip flop method and use the grill and now you’ve gone a step further and shown us we could all do them when we are camping!!!
    Just remember when you are next off cycling for research of the new book to slip one of those diy gas flame throwers you use for plumbing in the saddle bag with the frying pan and you’re set up perfectly.

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