Out of touch

A few months ago on my annual flying visit to England, one item on my shopping list was tinted moisturiser.

I’ve been blessed with satisfactory skin that is self-sufficient and low maintenance, and as a result it receives very little attention. Thus a moisturiser will probably last at least a couple of years. There’s a drawer full of half-used bottles and tubes in the bathroom, but I thought I’d treat myself to a new one, so off I set to Boots.

For twenty minutes I trawled the aisles. Shelves and shelves of every brand; day creams, night creams, neck creams, eye creams, rejuvenating creams, blemish covering creams, wrinkle smoothers, creams to make skin glow, firming creams, peeling products, skin fresheners,  skin toners, blushes, non-comedogenic, alcohol-free, two for three, special offers, pure, gentle, hydrating …………….. But of tinted moisturiser, not a blob to be seen.

I made another circuit, scoured the shelves from left to right, right to left, highest to lowest,  lowest to highest. How could they not stock such a basic product?

Eventually I had to ask a pretty salesgirl. “Do you not sell tinted moisturiser?”

“Yes, Madame, of course we do. Were you after any particular make?”

“No, anything will do,” I said, not being a fussy person.

She led the way to the shelves I’d searched so thoroughly. “Here you are,” she smiled. “These are our BBs. ”

“What is BB?” I asked.

“Beauty balm.”

“Is that the same as tinted moisturiser?”

“Yes, but with lots of other things added – like primer and sunscreen.”


“Oh,” I said, “I see.”

“But,” she went on, “we also have CCs now, if you’d like to see some?”

“What is CC?” I asked.

“It’s like BB, but with added colour corrector,” she explained. “I’ll show you.”

She reached up to a shelf behind her and took down a tube.

“No,” I said hurriedly. “Just two tubes of BB, please.”

I don’t think I’m quite ready for CC yet. By the time I am, I expect it will be JJ, or something similar.



14 thoughts on “Out of touch

  1. It so annoying when someone points out you could have got something really good closer to home… but here goes. Thanks to a friend who had contacts I had a free facial and make up from Caudalie, the natural skin care people based near Bordeaux who have a Spa vinotherapie (sounds good, doesn’t it?), and they have a wonderful tinted moisturiser with just enough colour to give my very pale skin a lift but fine enough to stop it looking like I’ve just covered myself in brown paint. Available in chemists, Monoprix, Galleries Layfayette…

  2. I was given a tube of BB cream for a birthday by a friend who knows I am hopeless at that sort of thing, and find it excellent. I don’t wear much make-up but when I go out I love this stuff. You can buy it easily in France.

  3. It is brilliant, I have to say. I can’t bear smearing layers of products on my skin, and the BB does everything in one go. Except for Colour Correction, of course. You need CC for that. 😀

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