I can’t say I’m sorry.

In fact, I’m very pleased that Awesome Indies has awarded their badge of approval to “I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry”


As part of the Blackbird Digital Books autumn promotion, this week The Valley of Heaven and Hell and Best Foot Forward Kindle versions are both available to download at 99 cts/77p.



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2 thoughts on “I can’t say I’m sorry.

  1. I just finished reading “I wish I could say I was sorry” and am so glad I did. It was amazing start to finish–so much so that I was actually reading it until I fell asleep early this morning. From England to Africa? Your formative years and education in and about Nairobi were fascinating and I can’t imagine how incredibly frustrating it must be for you to have so many, many unanswered questions throughout your early life. I’m glad to find your blog and to know that you keep on, keeping on! Guess I’ll have to read another book or two to fill in the gaps. Best wishes to you and yours!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Sandi. I’m very pleased to know that you enjoyed the book. I hope you’ll read some of the others, although they are very different. All the best, and thanks for visiting my blog. Susie

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