New look, blogroll out


“Declutter” is the buzz word here, with our house on the market. It isn’t easy when one of you is an inveterate hoarder. I’ll just say that while all my books, ornaments and anything considered unnecessary are carefully packed away in cartons, (never to be seen again), there is no evident decrease in the boxes of tools, tins of paint, battery chargers for tools we no longer have and objects whose purpose is no longer known, but might come in handy one day. 🙂

While I was at it, I thought the blog deserved a facelift, and have tried to make it more streamlined.

One of the things no longer there is a blogroll. The reason is simple. From my stats, I can see that nobody ever clicks on any of the blogs. Therefore it is not serving the purpose for which it is intended, i.e. to recommend other bloggers. reports that there are probably some 250 million blogs out there.  Although many of them will be dormant/stagnant, that still leaves a mountain of blogginess to climb. If I can find the time to read even 5 every day, I think I’m doing well, so the chances I’ll click on their blogrolls are very slight.

So instead of sticking links into a blogroll, I’ll flag up some of the blogs that I follow, covering, politics, humour, photography, writing, French life, health, cooking, and hope to introduce readers to other blogs they might enjoy.

Here are ten reasons John Do doesn’t like blogrolls. Interesting, yes?


6 thoughts on “New look, blogroll out

  1. Interesting indeed…his blog as real estate…..tchah!

    I don’t have a blogroll because I never managed to work out how to put one up with WordPress…but I do like other peoples’ blogrolls as I’ve found a number of interesting, unexpected blogs that way.

    Still this update of yours looks all very fresh and clean…no handbooks for long extinct tools hanging about….

  2. Susie, I love reading, ‘anything really’ written by your good self. You gave me the inspiration to start a blog and re consider thoughts on writing my own life story…after a few posts of the blog, I fell into a ‘dip/lull’, and can’t seem to pull myself back together. What advice do you have for such situations, (please don’t confuse this with ‘writers block, cause that I ain’t!).

    • Hi Linda

      How are you all? Is Poppy better now? It happens to me, too, that lack of motivation. I go with the flow and wait for it to return. As it does, in its own good time. Have you started your book yet? You have an extraordinary tale to tell. I was watching a documentary about women in prison in the US, and there was one woman who’d been in for 38 years, since she was 16, and she will never get out. She’d started a fire as a diversion to try to escape from a dire situation. It had gone wrong and 6 people had burned to death.All her appeals have been turned down, and she accepts that she’ll die in prison. I thought how any of us who have lived through similar events could easily have done the same.

      • Susie, yes we are all good thank you. Poppy has healed physically but she us such a ‘grump’. We really have to be vigilant, not sure if it’s the accident or her age, maybe a bit of both.
        We watched the same documentary, with Trevor McDonald. You know the work Graham does and my career background, we have been to and dealt with numerous tragic events but that story shook both of us. You are absolutely right, there for the grace of God… That lady is a victim, as a child, setting the fire and the tragic outcome, she still remains a victim. Here in the U.K, it is unlikely that she would have received a custodial sentence and she would most certainly have been supported to built a life for herself. The American justice, (not), system seems very harsh and I do NOT agree with the death penalty, (if it’s a crime to murder, how can it be right to put someone to death?), but on the other hand, there are problems with lenient sentencing and lack of post incarceration support. Wish I had a magic wand! My late Foster mother, Grace, was a very practical, no nonsense lady, we would often sit and ‘put the World to rights’, dreaming of the power and influence to tackle all manner of issues which we found upsetting and frustrating.
        I have much admiration for Bill Gates and his wife, they have the money, power and influence to make a difference, and that they certainly do, (have you heard of the new malaria vaccine?)…a completely different subject I know, I guess I’m just musing on how one life is and can be, so different from another. The principles of Karma are the only way I can make sense of life’s apparent unfairness and inequality, either that or we are a zoo/experiment, controlled by a force far greater and more intelligent than our feeble brains can imagine…
        On that note, I will sign off and clear up the mess left by the plumber who’s been upstairs fixing the ancient shower, much grumbling and swearing has been filtering it’s way through the ceiling to me in the living room composing this post.

      • Poor Poppy. I expect she just needs more time to recover, bless her.

        The American ‘justice’ system is pitiless. If you can pick up a copy of, it is a real eye-opener regarding the near-impossibility of escaping the death penalty once you’ve been convicted. It’s one of the most shocking books I’ve ever read. Once a person is on death row, new evidence as to their innocence isn’t going to do anything. They’re going to die.

  3. You had a great blogroll on your Blogger site. I spent hours enjoying reading posts when the garden was screaming to be weeded, the dogs yelping to be walked, and the husband growling for his dinner. 🙂

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