A little alarming

All through the winter we feed the wild birds in various parts of the garden, including on the bedroom window sill.  There’s a stick positioned above the sill to give them somewhere to perch while waiting their turn if there’s a queue at the food counter. It makes a little boing! sound when they land. That’s our wake-up call, and usually comes just after first light.

We stop feeding them in May, and don’t begin again until winter sets in.


Yesterday morning there was a boing! A blue tit was sitting on the stick. As I watched, it flew on to the window sill, stood with its head bowed for a few moments as if searching for food, and finding none it then began hammering on the window with its beak.

Come on, little friend – it’s only mid-September! Surely it’s not winter yet?


6 thoughts on “A little alarming

  1. I don’t know what’s up with the Bluetits – one flew into the dining room and hid behind a very large picture, refusing to come out. I had to pick it up and throw it out of the window. whereupon the ungrateful s** flew away without a backward glance.

  2. Welcome back. I’ve missed your postings.
    We have a cock pheasant that comes into our garden and our neighbours. He has a crooked beak with the top and bottom not meeting properly so we took pity last winter and put a bit of food out for him.
    Transpired our neighbours had felt and done the same. He now walks onto the patio and calls and if there is no result he taps on the glass doors. I can open the door and have a chat but he’s likely to follow me into the conservatory as I pop in to get him some grub.
    He has been most miffed that we have not been doing our duty for seven weeks of the summer.

  3. Thanks, Pip. Been a funny summer, incredibly busy socially, and rather under the weather healthwise, but beginning to pick up now. What a lovely story. I hope he stays around your patio and keeps safe from the shooters. Pheasants are so much more beautiful, in my opinion, to look at than they ever were to eat. 🙂

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