And another thing …

.. just received the mail, and in it a real surprise. A copy of French Property News. This is the centrefold:

1 2

I knew that French Property News were planning a feature, but I hadn’t expected anything on quite this scale. An extract from Swallows and Robins as well as a mention of our house being for sale.


10 thoughts on “And another thing …

  1. Great article and your house looks wonderful – am off to buy a lottery ticket. Absolutely loved reading Swallows and Robins, had me laughing out loud in public! I dreamed my late Mum told me 3 of the winning numbers – just need the other three now Mum so I can buy Susie Kelly’s famous house!

  2. Thank you kindly. I am banking on the law of averages. Given that weather figures for a whole year are fairly constant I am trying to convince myself that this summer will be a belter to offset the non-existent spring and horrible stuff we are getting at the moment.
    The power that controls it all up there better be listening!

    • Every French person I’ve spoken assures me that the weather is entirely due to the inadequacies of M. Hollande. And they don’t feel he is listening. Nevertheless, fingers crossed. We had a lovely sunny day yesterday. Today it is raining. Again.

  3. I could just about put up with the rain but it’s the temperature. If you came visiting you would think you had arrived chez Michelin Man.
    I turned off the central heating back in that warm spell – remember that! And as a matter of principle I refuse to put it back on in the middle of May.
    We have the same problem over here so with the combined influence on European weather from Cameron and Hollande we don’t stand much chance.
    Let’s hope they both very soon go on holiday and leave us all alone.

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