So far this year I’ve stuck to most of my New Year resolutions.

Getting up by 8.00 am – tick.

Dressed by 9.00 am – tick.

Limit time on Facebook to 30 minutes a day – half-tick

Take an item out of a room where it doesn’t belong and put it where it does – tick

If a job can be finished in five minutes, do it – tick

Plant a clover lawn – not quite time yet, but seed bought – tick

Make bee houses – searching for suitable cane – half-tick

Chew my food more thoroughly and eat more slowly – total fail. 😦

Finish two of the four books I’m working on: one book on schedule to be finished by first week of March – tick

Take at least one photograph each month that I am totally satisfied with. This was delayed because I managed to hurl my camera onto a hard floor and bugger up the image stabilisation. That meant the camera was out of action for three weeks. But here are two I’m happy with. So – tick

So – how is everybody else getting on with their resolutions? Do tell. πŸ™‚

Variegated ivy

Variegated Ivy – I am pleased with the three-dimensional effect here

Tree in winter


12 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Superb photographs…green and variegated with envy!
    Glasdstone would be most disappointed by the fate of your penultimate resolution…and speaking of gladstone i have just found a reference to him disguising himself as a troubador in an attempt to persuade a lady to return to her husband….not at all the image i had of him!

  2. Am struggling with time management issues myself, so can identif with limitng time on social networks. I have also recently decided not to switch the television on when I come downstairs in the morning.

    • I’ve never switched on the TV before evening except to watch F1, Jeannie. But I’ve wasted many happy hours sitting in bed playing Angry Birds on the tablet. πŸ™‚ So that’s now firmly locked away until current projects up to date.

    • Victoria, the answer, I think, is to begin with the easy ones, such as not to wear blue socks on Wednesdays. Then as you conquer that one, you move on to more exacting things like never cutting your toast into triangles. It can be done. πŸ˜€

  3. Well done Susie, my resolutions are:
    1 Not to be so hard on myself – a work in progress
    2 Clean out every closet, draw and cupboard in my house after 16 years no room and to much clutter.
    3rd floor done
    2nd floor done
    1st floor have not even started need to have a yard sale so must wait till spring to much snow and cold. Hope I remember!!!!

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