Unpleasant choc!

And we’re not talking chocolate here, but the French choc.

Over the years I’ve lost many small items of jewellery, including diamond and other precious stone earrings, and I’ve never claimed on the insurance for them. But since mid-December I haven’t been able to find a 32″ 22-carat gold chain that I’ve worn around my neck for more than 20 years. It was originally a waist chain, but had shrunk over the years, probably in the shower.

Having hunted in every place it could possibly be, including the washing machine and the heap of dirty clothes waiting to be washed once the weather is suitable for the purpose, I concluded the chain is lost for good. And so I thought I’d claim for it on my household insurance policy. Our insurance broker is the most helpful and sympathetic man, he never lets us down and has gone out of his way to get us the best deals for all our policies, and I knew that our household policy included a generous allowance for jewellery. I just rang him to ask how to go about it.

And learned that there is no such thing as insurance for lost jewellery or valuable items in France! Stolen, yes, provided the theft takes place in your car, house or a public place, is reported to the police and you are able to provide evidence of the stolen items such as cameras and mobile phones, including receipts. But lost – no. Because, as he explained, if people could claim for lost items they’d be doing so on a monthly basis. He said that he doubts any insurance company in England any longer insures valuables for accidental loss, although I’m pretty certain they do.

And furthermore, in the case of theft, you should make sure that you have photographed all items of value, and their receipts, and keep the photographs in a safe place – preferably not in your house in case it should burn down.

It came as rather a nasty choc as I had assumed the policy did include accidental loss. Thought I’d mention in case anybody else is under the same misapprehension.



7 thoughts on “Unpleasant choc!

  1. Not sure how you’re supposed to produce receipts on family heirlooms bought 150yrs ago, but I suppose you have to get things valued and keep those receipts.
    I hate insurance companies – happy to take your money for years, damned if they’ll pay it out.

    • You have to be “CREATIVE”, as I found out with an insurance company once who tried to slither out of paying for an expensive rug damaged by a flood. Yes, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to get a penny out of an insurer.

  2. Thank you that is good to know. We have not made a single claim in 1( years we have been in France, but that is important to know.
    I hope I am not tempting fate by what I have just written!!

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