What’s happening?

Snuffle, sniff, sneeze, cough, sore throat and constant slight headache. That’s it for the moment.


Oh, and my camera is busticated after an unfortunate collision with a tiled floor, and it will be three weeks before it is repaired.

And I forgot to mention the permanently stiff neck.


8 thoughts on “What’s happening?

    • It’s nearly better now – wasn’t nearly as bad as I used to be each winter when I had the flu jab. After that I could guarantee being bed-ridden for at least a week.

  1. I’ve been surrounded by family suffering the same but it hasn’t touched me. Now there’s pushing your luck isn’t it.
    Hope you soon feel a whole lot better – and your repair is quicker than the camera’s!

  2. And if you go to the doctor you’ll be tested for high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, beri beri, sleeping sickness, lectured for not going to the surgery often enough for check ups, (‘that’s why France has such a good health record, Madame, preventative medicine…’) and when you ask about the stiff neck you’ll get a shrug and, ‘Bof! Nothing we can do about that. Can we schedule a blood test for your cholesterol…’

    • Victoria, we are exceptionally lucky with our doctor. He is truly wonderful, speaks fluent English, has a great sense of humour, and doesn’t prescribe 11 different medicines for a sprained ankle. And he never prescribes suppositories. 😀 W

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