First fail

Five days in to the New Year, and already a failed resolution.

“Up by 8.00 am, dressed by 9.00 am” didn’t work this morning.

Not because of my customary slothfulness, but because of Tally, our Hungarian Vizsla.


Unlike his stoic companion Dobby, Tally is a sensitive soul who lives on his nerves. He’s playful, energetic, stubborn, affectionate, demanding, greedy and he worries. Recently he’s begun to worry a great deal. Whether that is due to the tumultuous summer here where we had a never-ending influx of guests coming and going for four months, or whether age is catching up with him (he’s 10), we don’t know. But something has upset his equilibrium and he’s become restless, moany and anxious. The vet hasn’t found any physical symptoms – Tally looks a picture of health – so ascribes his behaviour to lack of oxygen reaching his brain, and has prescribed Karsivan to see if that helps.

After one week he does seem to be less stressed, but at night that he’s still acting rather strangely. He doesn’t want to sleep in the same room as Dobby, although they are best mates during the day. Three nights ago Tally was in such a state that he ended up on our bed where he slept happily through the night while we tried to find somewhere to put our legs. Since then he’s been happy to sleep in the office, while Dobby occupies the sofa in the living room. Last night, however, Tally woke me at 3.36 am whining to go out, having already peed all over the floor. While I mopped up he bounced out happily into the night, bounced happily back into his bed and went straight off to sleep.

I didn’t. With words, ideas and plans for the garden rushing around in my head like a fairground carousel, it was hours before I could get back to sleep. And when I woke, it was 10.05 am. I’m pleading extenuating circumstances.

Oh, a second fail, too. I swallowed my toast without the long chewing. 😦


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8 thoughts on “First fail

  1. I’m ashamed to say that we have been getting up later and later – often not before 11.00 – over the last few months since all our visitors left. A lot of it is because since I was given my Asus tablet, I can sit in bed and surf the net, or play Angry Birds (my addiction), and TOH sits reading his Kindle or swotting up on French on his iPod. We had really slithered into a bog of indolence from which we are now digging ourselves out.

    Fingers crossed that Tally’s unpleasantly expensive medication will help him.

  2. The latest arrival, the beagle, likes to be outside at night as she likes to wander off to do a bit of hunting and gathering.
    The alsatian, who is fond of her but much too fond of his bed to accompany her, has now decided that I need to know when she returns from her forays at about three in the morning so a large head is shoved into my sleeping shoulder until I get up and let her in at which point the night is hideous with the sound of both attacking any biscuits still left in their bowls.

    Do you think the night activity could be a side effect of the meds….?
    And as for the toast…Gladstone must be turning in his grave….

    • Perhaps a dog flap would be the answer to an undisturbed night? I think I’d get a bit fed up being woken every morning at 3.00 am.

      The meds are to cure the activity, and I am very happy to report that they seem to be working as he is far less stressed and we are all enjoying unbroken nights. Just as well, they cost a fortune.

      Sorry, Mr Gladstone, 6 chews is about as much as I can manage, but I’m working on it.

    • Janine, I can highly recommend the Karsivan. It seems to be working really well. Tally is quite chilled now. Still greedy and energetic, but definitely less needy. Perhaps experiment with it on TOH? 😀

      And Tally’s helping me keep to the getting up early resolution, as he sits and groans outside the bedroom door from 7.30 am. 🙂

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