The early birds ….


This is my new book. It was scheduled for publication on 3rd December, but the team at Blackbird Digital Books have obviously been up with the larks, because it suddenly appeared on Amazon yesterday.

One of the categories it is currently featured in is “Celebrated Gardens – Gardens Around the World”. That made me laugh – you should see the state of our garden. 😀



4 thoughts on “The early birds ….

  1. I saw this last night downloaded it, read it and uploaded a review onto Amazon this morning. I hope you are a tiny bit impressed! I really enjoyed it very funny and yet also sad. I have loved all your books and I am always amazed at how enterprising you are and you actually do the things that others only dream of doing. My favourite bit of all your books are the opening chapters of Two Steps Backwards as it so reminds me of when we bought our own wreck 12 years ago and slept for the first time in the open loft tossing and turning and jumping at every creak, groan and hiss of owl.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments – and great review – Janet. Yes, I am impressed. 🙂

    I am so pleased you have enjoyed my books.

    Are you going to keep your blog up? I like your writing style and humour,

    Kind regards


  3. Downloaded this morning.
    So probably early to bed in this freezing weather. Nothing better than being tucked up with a good book. And I’m sure it will be.

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