Losing my book – or maybe losing my mind

We were out yesterday afternoon and I was going to have to entertain myself for a few hours, so I took my Kindle with me as I was nearing the end of quite an enjoyable book, with about 12 pages left. When we arrived at our destination I picked up the Kindle and to my surprise the title had vanished. It wasn’t where it should be at the top of the “Recently read” section. It wasn’t listed by author, nor by title. :roll:.

Why had my trusty Kindle deleted the book I wanted to finish? I thought about it for several hours. Switched off the Kindle, switched it on again to see if that would shock the title back into being. No luck. I’d have to wait until we were home again with a wifi connection to connect to Amazon and re-download the title from my library. How very frustrating. πŸ‘Ώ

It was several hours later, as we were driving home, that I realised the cause.

I’d been reading, most unusually for me, a paperback, which was still sitting on my bedside table. πŸ˜›


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11 thoughts on “Losing my book – or maybe losing my mind

  1. When I have those sort of senior moments I put it down to senile decay but my family refute that.
    According to them I’ve been doing it for years – so there’s another thing I have forgotten!!

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