Bring me sunshine!

The nights are drawing in. The temperatures are in free-fall. The leaves are dropping. The skies are grey. It’s only going to get worse. Get out your gloves, scarves, woolly hats, and the de-icer and snow-scraper for the car. Don’t forget salt for the drive when the ice arrives. Is the 50 tog duvet ready for the bed? Thermal undies to hand? All those draughts blocked up? Stocked up with cold remedies? Ugh.

But wait! It need not be thus. Let me take you to a place of sunshine, exotic flowers and birds. Crazed neighbours and wonderful friendships. Lovable bureaucrats. Occasional earthquakes. Snuggle up with a cup of Costa Rican coffee, and come with me to the land where those coffee beans were born.

File:Red eyed tree frog edit2.jpg

Welcome to Costa Rica! Simply brilliant expat blog by a former French resident who relocated to warmer climes and a new way of life. Have a peep, read a couple of her posts, and feel the glow. Costa Rica’s motto is “Full of Life,” and Fly’s blog certainly lives up to that. Here is a pictorial guide to some of San Jose’s varied architecture, and a train mingling nonchalantly with rush hour traffic. 🙂

And if you agree (how could you not?) that her blog deserves to win an award, you could click the link and say so.


Living in Costa Rica


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11 thoughts on “Bring me sunshine!

  1. I’d second that, Fly’s blog is a breath of fresh air.
    Beautiful (cold) morning here – I saw my first flight of grues heading south for the winter, yes it’s a sign of more cold to come but I adore listening to them.

  2. Goodness gracious me! Thank you!
    The approach of winter is something I’m glad to have left behind me….stacking and chopping wood, wondering if we had enough fuel for the boiler, sliding down the path to let disgusted hens and ducks out…..electric blankets!

    I am enjoying living here…and will try to show more of the country – currently wrestling with new to me SLR digital camera which to date is winning…

    • First cold day here today; and the shower is blocked. Stood under a scalding stream with my eyes closed for 5 minutes, opened them to see the bathroom 3″ deep and the water escaping under the door and into the hall. Am eyeing up the electric blanket but may wait a while just for the pleasure of anticipating its welcoming warmth when it gets REALLY COLD.

      Good luck with the new camera. I’m also wrestling with mine. Set on Auto it takes superb photos, but being as it has more bells and whistles than a bell-and-whistle collector, I want to understand how to use them, and so far am failing abysmally. I mean, why should a bigger aperture number equal a small aperture? Where is the logic? And do you use the big aperture (small number) for close up or distance and how do you remember which one for depth of field? Grrrr ….:) Hope we’ll soon see some more of your wonderful and evocative pics of your Costa Rican life.

  3. Hi Susie,
    Costa Rica looks great to me, especilly since we are in the mist of Hurricane Sandy here in Rhode Island. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back about my book club reading your book Best Foot Forward. Everyone enjoyed the book and felt they were with you on your journey. Your style of writing and sense of humor was appealing. I do not remenber anything negitave being said.

    I never did receive Two Steps Backward from the book store in England they sent me the Da Vinci Code in error. When I e-mailed them they did not have another copy and my husband and I were just leaving on vacation. Since returning I have be mad busy with a coat drive for the poor and helping the Obama campaign, now this storm. Hopefully in a few weeks things will calm down I will try to place another order till then it remains on my reading list.

    Hope you and yours are well and are having better weather in France.

  4. Hi Jane,

    Do keep safe. It must be terrifying waiting and wondering what is going to happen. I’m thinking of you and we are watching the news coverage.

    It’s getting chilly here now, but still bright, dry and sunny, typical autumn weather. Very often it is January or February before real winter weather sets in.

    I don’t know whether to be flattered or outraged at the Da Vinci Code. Personally I absolutely hated the book, although I enjoyed the film. I’m glad that Best Foot Forward went down well with the group.

    Although I don’t follow American politics – any politics really,- I’m rooting for Obama, because that Mitt Muppet cannot be for real, especially with statements like:

    “When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem.” –Mitt Romney, suggesting it would be a good idea to crack a window at 35,000 feet, Beverly Hills fundraiser, Sept. 22, 2012

    Still trying to convince myself he really said and meant that, and it wasn’t some impersonator. Un-be-li-ev-able. 😀

    Please drop me a line when the storm has blown over and you’re safe.


    • Hi Susie
      The storm is over and we are good. The wind was the worst and we live on the second of 3 hills in the area so wind is always a factor. Monday late afternoon and evening till about 9pm after high tide was scary. Upon waking on Tuesday morning all the leaves were everywhere except on the trees. We where very lucky we did not loss electricity, as a lot of people did. It is a good thing we had spent the money on a new roof recently, if not I shutter to think about the damage we wood have. The hurricane barrier we have in Providence did its job and protected the city center from flooding, all though Rhode Island beaches sustained much damage. We have leaves and tree limbs everywhere in our yard. So now for the clean up and to work off the calories I consumed during the storm. Funny how I like to bake and feed people during bad weather. As I am typing on my laptop I glance over in my living room and my cats Daisy and Max are each curled up on lawn chairs as we had no other place to put them as the shed was full.

      Susie, thank you for your kind words and thinking of me it is greatly appreciated.

      • Hi Jane

        So glad that you survived the storm without too much damage. It must have been terrifying, perhaps a little exhilarating too? There is something about violent weather than fascinates me. I love to see a really wild storm, but I don’t like its effect on human and animal life. I am glad your cats are OK, I imagine there must be many animals searching for their owners. 😦

        Sounds as if you have been “comfort baking” – nothing like a good cake during a bad time. 😉


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