Drunken Harry

Meet Harry.

Harry the Hornet.

Harry the Hornet who spent all yesterday blundering about in a drunken stupor.

Because Harry and his legions of friends have been gorging themselves on grapes. And I think Harry had one too many. Because he staggered up the window, and then gently slid down the window. Over and over again. Until he was completely exhausted. And so he sat on the window ledge in the sunshine, twiddling his antennae for a while. Gradually his head dropped until his chin rested on the ledge and his legs gave way, and there he stayed for several hours, sleeping off his headache. Then he flew away. 🙂

He’s rather handsome even in his inebriated state, don’t you think?Enhanced by Zemanta

6 thoughts on “Drunken Harry

    • We have loads around at this time of year, but have never been stung. They are not really aggressive unless threatened. We have a “no kill” policy except for fleas, ticks and bluebottles. The only time I’ve had to kill them, and very reluctantly, was when they nested in our chimney and were invading the house, and I was worried the dogs would stand on or bite them and be stung in return. Shame, though. They are beautiful creatures.

  1. What a lovely story and photograph. @ Alison, be very careful when killing hornets as they send out ‘distress signals’, if the nest happens to be within range of these you could find yourself in a very nasty situation when the others come to it’s aid !

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